Most chicken nuggets eaten in 3 minutes with a toothpick

The most chicken nuggets eaten in 3 minutes using a toothpick is 286 grams by Logan Mendoza, who competed at Burger King #19558 at 6003 West Avenue in Castle Hills, Texas on January 12, 2015. Using only one hand and a cup of water, Mendoza swiftly ate a full 286g of Burger King® Chicken Nuggets in 3 minutes, during a TV advertising promotional period for the fast-food chain’s chicken nuggets. In attendance were local elected officials, banking officials, corporate representatives of Burger King® chain’s national headquarters, local BK® store management team members and two independent timekeepers with stopwatches accurate to .01 seconds each. The attempt was viewed by the public, photographed and video recorded in the San Antonio suburb of Castle Hills at the newest of 19 Burger King® locations owned and managed by the St. Juste Management Corp. of San Antonio.

Authorized by: Robes St. Juste, CEO of St. Juste Management Corp.

Witnessed by: Hon. Tim Howell, Mayor of Castle Hills, Texas & Richard Gonzalez, Bank Officer with International Bank of Commerce (Castle Hills branch) & Ethan Cantu of San Antonio.

Timekeepers: Lorena Diaz-Olgún & Debbie Olivares with North East Independent School District of San Antonio, Texas.

Photo by: Texas World Records

Chicken Nuggets Texas World Records - WordPress

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